Credits Management

Credit Management is the management of different credit lifecycle events from the point of Customer onboarding, approval of a loan application, disbursal and tracking the repayment behaviour until the closure of the stated loan.

Different types of repayment scenarios such as rescheduling, refinance, foreclosures, foreclosures, write-offs etc. are also part of Credit Management.

As the Loan origination service is an independent service in Finscale, and with more and more advancements in borrower relationship management, all loan lifecycle events excluding the customer origination are considered for the Credit Management Use case.

Credit Origination has anything to do with Client creation, registration, KYC and onboarding in the case of lending financial products. The lending products can range from a simple interest-based loan to a complex and personalized amortization criteria loan. Loans can simply be an Overdraft facility on another financial product such as a checking type product.

Credit Origination follows a very flexible approach. We see that each FI has its own methods and ideas on how to approach, and onboard their customers.

Many FIs use multiple types of services, forms, and workflow applications.

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