Beneficiary Identity

The Finscale Identity service interacts with other services and authenticates, and provides roles and permission to access the API. Identity as a service comprises cloud-based solutions for identity and access management (IAM) functions, such as single sign-on (SSO). These methods allow all users (customers, employees, and third parties) to more securely access sensitive information both on-premises and over the cloud. This is a decentralised service that does Authentication using Bitcoin Identity Protocol that works on the seckp256 signature method. We should work on providing different types of SDK and employ the functional feature of password-less authentication.

This service will store the identity of the user on the blockchain.

E.g.: A user can reach a certain service with certain roles and permissions recorded here.

Feature List


Field officers: Loan officer and Credit team including other teams

provides the ability to create, read, delete and update a group of beneficiaries.

Users accessing permissioned modules

provides the ability for beneficiaries to manage Service functionalities with allocated permissions, covering System Admin modules.

Creating multiple type of roles

provides the ability to create, read, delete and update custom and mixed roles-based users.

Group Self user check in

provides the ability for a group-linked beneficiary to check in Analytics Service.

Individual Beneficiary self check in

provides the ability for individual beneficiaries to check in Analytics Service.

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