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What is Finscale?
FINSCALE is an Open Finance and data residency platform for financial access case studies.
is an authentication and authorization server distribution for Open Finance.
The distribution can be used for Identity Governance and Transaction Ledgers for social finance, across distributed time zones.
Finscale is open source and Open Constitution License governs the project lifecycle.
What is Open Finance?
Open Finance is a term (in the context of regulatory tech innovation) used for open source, secure authentication, and authorization of beneficiary identity, for personalized financial services to the beneficiary.
What is Data Residency?
Computing Server based Data governance and data integrity protocols, distributed across multiple time zones.
What is API?
Finscale distribution is accessible through the production API.
What are the core features of the Finscale platform?
Core features include
// Identity Governance
// Accounting contracts ledger platform.
What is Finscale AI?
is an analytics service, equipped with an open-source, financial data learning model.
Financial Services Institutions can enable access to Finscale AI, by activating E-Tenancy on the Open Constitution Network.
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