Platform benefits

Finscale is an innovative, open financial services platform that is continuing to change for any developer to serve the needs of their use case instantly while supporting thousands of transactions.

With Finscale platform,

  1. Beneficiary discovers financial products/services from Financial Institutions(FI)

  2. Beneficiary establishes social trust with FI using Verifier credentials

  3. FIs operate and service those based on the regional regulatory setup

  4. Distributed and is based on the peer-to-peer network

  5. FI acts as a relayer whose sole aim is to provide financial services to the users with minimum fees. A relayer deploys and hosts a nodal ledger server.

  6. Minimize information exchange between counterparties


Any User can publish an ask for the running relayers on behalf of FI which is basically just listening to the user's requirement and if the requirements are met the user gets the desired output or else FI will keep passing on the messages to others until the user discovers the product!

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