What is a Finscale Nodal ledger or Node?

is a client which communicates with the core transaction processing server on the subnet.

A Financial Institution deploys a Nodal ledger using a plugin that deploys one or more core banking microservices such as lending management and accounting management.

Developers affiliated with financial institutions can develop front-end services in modern technologies to generate any kind of presentation layer for their business use case.

These applications are linked to the Nodal ledger through Finscale AI APIs.

Register your organization as an E Tenant here to gain access to Production Developer API keys.

Deployment Options:

Cloud-based deployment of Nodal ledger.

Self Hosted

Communicating with Finscale AI subnet processors:

After deployment of the nodal ledger, you must link to

Installed node links to Finscale Subnet(a secure Virtual Private Network that houses the core data model of Finscale AI) through HTTPS communication with the Public APIs

Node License Options:

For both self-hosted and cloud-based deployment of the Nodal ledger on the Finscale subnet, E-tenants can activate the Finscale Enterprise Suite license for their business use cases and the core data model(licensed with OCL v1), for their deployed ledger to communicate with Finscale AI subnet and global and region-specific processors.

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